Tubing, Pressure Natural Rubber, shore hardness 50-55A


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-30°C to 70° clean incineration 100% biodegradable product Natural rubber




Item Code:408.303.01, Inner Diameter(ID in MM):3.0, Wall Thickness(WT in MM):3.0,Outer Diameter(OD in MM):9, Pack of :10Mtr | Item Code:408.303.02, Inner Diameter(ID in MM):5.0, Wall Thickness(WT in MM):3.0 ,Outer Diameter(OD in MM):11, Pack of :10 Mtr. | Item Code:408.303.03, Inner Diameter(ID in MM):6.0, Wall Thickness(WT in MM):3.0,Outer Diameter(OD in MM):12, Pack of:10 Mtr. | Item Code:408.303.04, Inner Diameter(ID in MM):8.0, Wall Thickness(WT in MM):3.0,Outer Diameter(OD in MM):14, Pack of :10 Mtr. | Item Code:408.303.05, Inner Diameter(ID in MM):9.0, Wall Thickness(WT in MM):3.0,Outer Diameter(OD in MM):15, Pack of :10 Mtr. | Item Code:408.303.06, Inner Diameter(ID in MM):10.0, Wall Thickness(WT in MM):4.0 ,Outer Diameter(OD in MM):18, Pack of :10 Mtr. | Item Code:408.303.07, Inner Diameter(ID in MM):12.0, Wall Thickness(WT in MM):4.0,Outer Diameter(OD in MM):20, Pack of :10 Mtr.

Item Code Inner Diameter(ID in MM) Wall Thickness(WT in MM)Outer Diameter(OD in MM) Pack of
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408.303.025.03.0 1110 Mtr.
408.303.036.03.01210 Mtr.
408.303.048.03.01410 Mtr.
408.303.059.03.01510 Mtr.
408.303.0610.04.0 1810 Mtr.
408.303.0712.04.02010 Mtr.
  • Suitable for laboratory, pharmaceutical, industrial and educational purposes
  • Made of Natural Rubber
  • Resistant to light acids, light alkalis
  • Tolerance ±0.2MM
  • Shore Hardness 50-55A
  • Permissible temp. -20°C to -70°C