Flask, Volumetric, White mark, Amber, Class A with Penny Head glass & PP Stopper, Individual Work Certificate, DIN ISO 1042


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Glass Boro 3.3Chemical Resistant

Classes of volumetric glassware are designations derived from applicable standard indicating the relative tolerances. Class A volumetric glassware have higher accuracy with tighter tolerance as compare to Class B volumetric glassware.

ISO 1042Individual calibration Certificate




Item Code:130.580.01A, Capacity (ml):5*,N/S:10/19; Tolerence(±ml):0.025, Pack of:1 |
Item Code:130.580.02A, Capacity (ml):10*,N/S:10/19; Tolerence(±ml):0.025, Pack of:1 |
Item Code:130.580.03A, Capacity (ml):20*,N/S:10/19; Tolerence(±ml):0.04, Pack of:1 |
Item Code:130.580.04A, Capacity (ml):25,N/S:10/19; Tolerence(±ml):0.04, Pack of:1 |
Item Code:130.580.05A, Capacity (ml):50,N/S:12/21; Tolerence(±ml):0.060, Pack of:1 |
Item Code:130.580.06A, Capacity (ml):100,N/S:14/23; Tolerence(±ml):0.100, Pack of:1 |
Item Code:130.580.07A, Capacity (ml):200,N/S:14/23; Tolerence(±ml):0.150, Pack of:1 |
Item Code:130.580.08A, Capacity (ml):250,N/S:14/23; Tolerence(±ml):0.150, Pack of:1 |
Item Code:130.580.09A, Capacity (ml):500,N/S:19/26; Tolerence(±ml):0.250, Pack of:1 |
Item Code:130.580.10A, Capacity (ml):1000,N/S:24/29; Tolerence(±ml):0.40, Pack of:1 |
Item Code:130.580.11A, Capacity (ml):2000,N/S:29/32; Tolerence(±ml):0.60, Pack of:1 |

Item Code Capacity (ml)N/S Pack of
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130.580.01A5*10/19; Tolerence(±ml)1
130.580.02A10*10/19; Tolerence(±ml)1
130.580.03A20*10/19; Tolerence(±ml)1
130.580.04A2510/19; Tolerence(±ml)1
130.580.05A5012/21; Tolerence(±ml)1
130.580.06A10014/23; Tolerence(±ml)1
130.580.07A20014/23; Tolerence(±ml)1
130.580.08A25014/23; Tolerence(±ml)1
130.580.09A50019/26; Tolerence(±ml)1
130.580.10A100024/29; Tolerence(±ml)1
130.580.11A200029/32; Tolerence(±ml)1
  • Compliance with DIN ISO 1042 Standards
  • Amber colour triangle inscriptions at neck for the flask
  • Each flask comes with Individual Work Certificate and Serial Number

*5ml to 20ml Supplied with trapezoidal shape for better stability