Centrifuge Tubes, Conical Bottom


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Boro 3.3 or Borosilicate 3.3 is a type of glass having very low coefficient of thermal expansion White Printing Chemical Resistant Without graduation




Item Code:089.202.02,Capacity (ml):5, Height x O.D. (mm):100 x 13, Pack of:100 | Item Code:089.202.03,Capacity (ml):10, Height x O.D. (mm):110 x 15, Pack of:100 | Item Code:089.202.05,Capacity (ml):15, Height x O.D. (mm):120 x 17, Pack of:100 | Item Code:089.202.06,Capacity (ml):25, Height x O.D. (mm):125 x 22, Pack of:100 | Item Code:089.202.07,Capacity (ml):50, Height x O.D. (mm):125 x 29, Pack of:50

Item CodeCapacity (ml) Height x O.D. (mm) Pack of
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089.202.025100 x 13100
089.202.0310110 x 15100
089.202.0515120 x 17100
089.202.0625125 x 22100
089.202.0750125 x 2950