Flask, Culture, baffled, Screw Cap, ASTM E-438, use for culture prepration


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Glass Boro 3.3Chemical Resistant




Item Code:075.212.04, Capacity (ml):250, Bulb Dia.(mm):85, Height(mm):145, Thread GL Size(mm):45, Pack of:2 |
Item Code:075.212.05, Capacity (ml):500, Bulb Dia.(mm):105, Height(mm):180, Thread GL Size(mm):45, Pack of:2 |
Item Code:075.212.06, Capacity (ml):1000, Bulb Dia.(mm):131, Height(mm):220, Thread GL Size(mm):45, Pack of:2 |
Item Code:075.212.07, Capacity (ml):2000, Bulb Dia.(mm):166, Height(mm):280, Thread GL Size(mm):45, Pack of:1

Item Code Capacity (ml) Bulb Dia.(mm) Height(mm) Thread GL Size(mm) Pack of
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  • Made from ASTM E-438 Type 1, Boro 3.3 heat resistance glass
  • Ideal for Use of in preparation of culture
  • The four equidistant baf fles provide consistent agitation when used with compatible orbital shakers
  • Suitable for repeated autoclave cycles at 121°C