Flasks, Heavy Duty, Conical (Erlenmeyer) Narrow Mouth


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Glass Boro 3.3Chemical Resistant




* Non DIN

Item Code:231.237.01, Capacity (ml):25, Body Dia(mm):42, Neck Dia(mm):22, Pack of:10 |
Item Code:231.237.02, Capacity (ml):50, Body Dia(mm):51, Neck Dia(mm):22, Pack of:10 |
Item Code:231.237.03, Capacity (ml):100, Body Dia(mm):64, Neck Dia(mm):24, Pack of:10 |
Item Code:231.237.03A*, Capacity (ml):150, Body Dia(mm):74, Neck Dia(mm):28, Pack of:10 |
Item Code:231.237.05, Capacity (ml):250, Body Dia(mm):85, Neck Dia(mm):34, Pack of:10 |
Item Code:231.237.07, Capacity (ml):500, Body Dia(mm):105, Neck Dia(mm):34, Pack of:10 |
Item Code:231.237.08, Capacity (ml):1000, Body Dia(mm):131, Neck Dia(mm):42, Pack of:10 |
Item Code:231.237.09, Capacity (ml):2000, Body Dia(mm):166, Neck Dia(mm):50, Pack of:6 |
Item Code:231.237.10, Capacity (ml):3000, Body Dia(mm):187, Neck Dia(mm):50, Pack of:1 |
Item Code:231.237.12, Capacity (ml):5000, Body Dia(mm):220, Neck Dia(mm):50, Pack of:1

Item Code Capacity (ml) Body Dia(mm) Neck Dia(mm) Pack of Price / pack
Qty Buy
231.237.0125422210 1300
231.237.0250512210 1400
231.237.03100642410 1700
231.237.03A*150742810 1800
231.237.05250853410 2400
231.237.075001053410 3650
231.237.0810001314210 7250
231.237.092000166506 6300
231.237.103000187501 1600
231.237.125000220501 2600
  • Made from ASTM E-438 Type 1, Boro 3.3 heat resistance glass
  • Complies with ISO 1773
  • All the flasks are printed in white enamel
  • Has Reinforced thick Rim to reduce chipping & breakage