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Model No.:1850.DNEU.01, V:230 V, Hz:50

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1850.DNEU.01230 V50 32500

Product Features:

High quality stainless steel material, heat resisting and anticorrosion, Digital controller digital display, durable.

  • This heated bath is used in the laboratory to allow a chemical reaction to occur at an elevated temperature.
  • This heated bath is a fluid placed in an open (metal) pot. Water and silicone oil are the most commonly used fluids. A water bath is used for temperatures up to 100 °C. An oil bath is employed for temperatures over 100 °C.
  • This heated bath is heated on a hot plate, or with a bunsen burner. The reaction chamber (Florence flask, Erlenmeyer flask, beaker) is immersed in the heated bath. A thermometer is usually kept in the fluid to monitor the temperature.

Technical Specification (6 Position):

Heating Power : 800W
Temperature control range : RT~100°C
Temperature fluctuation : ± 0.5 Celsius
Working size(mm³) : Ø26× 16
Display : Digital